Friday, March 12, 2010

Room for Improvement: Raffy Perez

Well, that was a long layoff. This is an Indians blog, so we shan't be talking about the reasons for that, as they had nothing to do with the Cleveland Indians per se.

When I left off, I was looking at the players from whom we could reasonably expect (where "reasonably" is rather nebulously defined, but hey) improvement in 2010. I was surprised to find Grady Sizemore to be the player with the highest potential for raising his VORP, but at least he's an everyday player. The third-greatest potential comes from a guy who only pitched 48 innings in 2009 and probably won't pitch a whole lot more than that in 2010.

Now, you're probably wondering: how bad does a guy have to pitch to be considered a huge performance sink on an entire team in only forty-eight bloody innings? Well, how about this bad:

12.38 H/9
4.69 BB/9
1.90 WHIP
1.28 K/BB
7.31 ERA
-1.247 WXRL
-9.6 VORP

That's how bad. I mean, negative nine point six VORP. Trevor Crowe "hit" .235/.278/.333 for an EqA of .219 in 202 PA ... and "contributed" -4.5 VORP. Raffy Perez was worse than Trevor Crowe and Wyatt Toregas (-4.4 VORP) put together. Raffy Perez was so bad, he offset the positive contributions of Luis Valbuena (3.7 VORP), Jhonny Peralta (3.7 VORP), and Mike Brantley (1.7 VORP) ALL BY HIMSELF. Worse than Zach Jackaon (-4.3), Jess Todd (-3.4), and Scott Lewis (-1.2) put together. That, my friends, is some Serious Bad.