Monday, July 12, 2010

Trade Deadline Primer

I have teamed with a number of other bloggers to produce a Trade Deadline Primer for fans. I have written several Indians-specific essays for the book, including report cards for all players (note: my submission deadline was early-mid June, so some notes are ... um ... less accurate now than I would have liked), a description of the season to date, and a discussion of what players we should be trading and what we should target.

Because I've teamed with other bloggers, you can see what players THEY see as reasonable and relevant targets from THEIR systems and perspectives as well. It's a nice, comprehensive guide to the July 31st Trade Deadline, or as Cleveland Fans know it, "The most relevant time of the year."  The book is in PDF format, and costs $9.95 to download from the folks at TwinsCentric.  (It's okay: I know they're evil, but they did all the editing.)

Here are some excerpts from the book:
How would I describe the Cleveland Indians’ 2010 season? I would probably start with the story of the three-run error.

The B-List Lite: 7/9 - 7/11

The Indians drop two of three to Tampa, and today's game recaps feature:

  • The functional difference amongst the starters was tiny
  • Tandem starting pair: Laffey & Masterson
  • Suggestions for Andy Marte
  • Mike Brantley should drop in the order
  • (Eight slots)
  • Santana, Kearns, LaPorta, and Peralta hit
  • Hand-buttering relievers
  • Jayson Nix: all or nothing machine
  • (Mostly nothing)
  • Welcome back, Chris Gimenez!
There are lots of places to watch Indians pitchers walk batters, but only one place to read The B-List.